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Tirana Youth Capital

Tirana Youth Capital


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Tirana European Youth Capital – Youth Trails

On 21 November 2019, something amazing happened for the youth of our motherland’s capital!

Tirana won the “European Youth Capital 2022” title, crowning several months of unremitting work and efforts of young people from the National Youth Congress, youth CSO’s and the Municipality of Tirana, towards creating a rich program of activities for 2022 dedicated
entirely to young people. Republika Communications Agency had the honors of building the brand and cover the city in colors for the whole year and for nearly 1000 events in Tirana in 2022.

Youth is one of the most cherished assets of the city and Albania, having one of the youngest populations in Europe. It is therefore obvious and inevitable that the most prominent driving force pushing Tirana and Albania towards a prosperous and sustainable future within the EU is its energetic and aspiring youth, joining energies and working together.

Tirana European Youth Capital

Tirana’s inevitable vibrance and youthful spirit had to undoubtedly become the core of TEYC22’s face. Buzzing through its continuously ongoing events, creative activities and dynamic young men and women, Albania’s capital city never ceases to inspire and to spread its influence across the region and beyond.

A city so old that it dates back to the Palaeolithic era and with 100 years of history as the capital of Albania, Tirana nowadays is known as the largest and most vivid city in Albania, with about half of its population under 35 years old. Due to its role as the center of the political, economic, cultural life of Albania and the home of the most prestigious public and private universities in the country, Tirana is becoming one of the most dynamic and forward-looking cities in the region.

The fast pace transformation of the city be seen not only in its urban appearance but also the growing opportunities and incentives for youth who are the ones now shaping the city’s economy, event scene, mobility trends, etc.

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