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Burger King

Prishtina, RKS

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London, UK

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Sun, May 26, 2024

Burger King

Burger King


Digital / TV

Burger King Kosovo entrusted us with their brand and digital strategy. We took on the challenge and delivered exceptional results. Our services included brand positioning, market expansion strategies, brand development, and social media marketing and promotion, among other key communications aspects, including PR, sponsorships and community relations.

Strawberry Sundae

Golden Crunchy Nuggets

2 for 5€ Mix n’Match

Cheesy Melty

King Box

King’s Selection

Throughout this process, we ensured that all creative assets were sprinkled with the distinctive “King’s way” flair, effectively representing the global burger giant within the local Kosovar market.

Helping Burger King ‘flame-grill’ our market

Mac and Cheese

Burger King – Dreni Dina

Mozarella Lovers

Çdo t’mërkure Whopper-i veç 1.99€



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