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Pyramid of Tirana

Prishtina, RKS

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London, UK

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Mon, Jul 22, 2024

Pyramid of Tirana

Pyramid of Tirana



The pyramid symbolizes a transformative era, designed to resemble an eagle’s wings when seen from aerial view, representing the nation’s double headed eagle emblem. The Pyramid of Tirana, revitalized by MVRDV, has been transformed into a green atrium and community space, fostering innovation and collaboration.

Republika Communications Agency crafted Piramida’s brand, featuring an innovative logo merging the grandeur of an eagle, brain hemispheres’ intricacy, and social networking interconnectivity. This identity embodies strength, intelligence, and community, leaving a modern and profound impression.

At the core of Piramida’s branding is a logo blending its elements. A soaring eagle transmutes into brain hemispheres, pulsating with neural connections, reflecting intellectual pursuit.

The left hemisphere symbolizes logic, the right creativity and intertwined with digital circuitry motifs, mirrors interconnected social networking.

The logo symbolizes unity, merging the eagle spirit, cerebral complexity, and networking connectivity, echoing intellect, community, and progress values.

Our logo design was the winning option in an open call of several other applications. 

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