Alba qeramika

Alba Qeramika is a company that celebrated their 20th anniversary in July 2013.

Developing a new brand Identity for a company that is a market leader of their trade was one of the toughest tasks that we faced in recent years. Convincing them into "taking the leap of faith" and trust our design team was a great fight and a rollocoaster of emotions. We have tried to create a sophisticated yet easily recognizable brand identity that has proven to be the good and painless move....;-)   

Alba Qeramika is one of our first and oldest clients and since 2009, REPUBLIKA is their exclusive Agency that provides with complete Creative Solutions, Design, Media and all other services

Celebration of their 20th anniversary found us with creating a year round concept that have followed us through 2014.

Congrats to Alba and may they have many more years of succsess.

Category: Video / Print / Brand / Web / Events