Getting to the top is easy…but holding the high position is the hard thing to do…

Rugove Corporation is the bottled water market leader in Kosovo and Rugove cheese products are the best in the market not only in Kosovo but also in the region.

Big part of Rugove Corporation is being responsible and aware of the surroundings and the society in Kosovo, and that’s where we came in…;-)

We have developed a web based campaign 1LIKE=10 CENTS where for every like on the official Rugove FB account, Rugove Corporation will pay 10 cents to Down Syndrome Kosova Foundation.

This campaign has rapidly grown from beign a web based campaign to taking over as a fully integrated campaign that has resulted in a great number of likes and one of the most talked about campaigns in Kosovo.

This is the official address just in case you want to add another 10 cents to DSK account…;-)

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